Protecting data everywhere, always


Complete data protection in one solution

Businesses by their nature need to collaborate on data such as files, documents, emails, etc. With that data being accessed by multiple people across multiple devices, the risk of a breach (either maliciously or intentionally) is real.
Existing solutions usually only protect data at one point or location. Multiple solutions are being used, leaving potential gaps in security as well as being innefficient and costly
AmiShare provides a secure container around the data itself, following it wherever it goes, providing businesses with robust 24/7 protection from breaches in one efficient solution.


Unlike other data protection solutions, AmiShare technology is built to follow the data itself rather than the locations it's accessed from. This means your data is secure regardless of who is accessing it or from where.


You data is kept safe through our fragmented storage technology. We take the data, fragment it into multiple shards, encrypt each shard and store them across separate locations meaning hackers can never access a sensitive file.


You have the option to set up custom controls for access and sharing in addition to full reporting. Our system detects and flags any attempted breaches in real-time and can identify exactly what has caused the breach.


Putting trust in digital interactions

Digital interactions take place every second, with data at their core. From a consumer reading the news or making a purchase, to teams working on a business idea or a product moving through a supply chain.
Businesses face many challenges protecting that data, including the risk of fraud, IP theft and tampering.
AmiStamp safeguards data, providing an insurance policy for businesses. Our stamping solution provides data with a unique digital fingerprint - that irrefutably proves ownership, as well as determining if it has been tampered with. It protects any kind of digital document and can be integrated quickly via an easy to use API.


Data is stamped with a unique digital fingerprint that can be customised with your preferred identification credentials. It is independently encrypted and will never expire, meaning you can set and forget.


Once data has been AmiStamped, it can be compared in a matter of seconds with any other file to determine whether the original has been falsified or tampered with.


Businesses can use AmiStamp to prove their data / products are original, comply with industry standards and have not been tampered with. Consumers can trust that what they're seeing is real.

About Kinnami


Today, Kinnami solves security challenges for businesses and institutions of all sizes. But our origins are much closer to home. 12+ years ago, our Founder and CTO, Chris, wanted to find a safe and simple way to share photos with family (kin) and friends (ami in French). As most engineers do, he starting to build his own solution. With the growth of the digital economy, he soon realised that his technology would solve a much bigger challenge that businesses and consumers would soon face - safeguarding their data. He set out to make his solution accessible, and with the help of Sujeesh (CEO) and a small team of data trust enthusiasts, Kinnami's AmiStamp and AmiShare are ready to help keep data protected everywhere, all the time.


Our vision is simple. We create solutions that safeguard data constantly. Our company exists to protect and sustain all the good things that the digital world offers. From ensuring that consumers can trust the information put before them. Or enabling secure, real-time collaboration within and across organisations. Or supporting online transactions, safe in the knowledge that customer data is safe from breaches or hackers. Or helping the rightful owners of data, content or a new idea to protect themselves from fraud or theft. We create and nurture trust in the digital world and make the sharing of files, images or other content that have a value attached to them (be it personal, confidential, sensitive) simple, seamless and safe.


Unlike many solutions out there, we have taken our time to build our technology. We’ve spent over 10 years testing and refining our Kinnami's solutions before officially making them available. What makes us different is that fact that we focus on safeguarding the data itself regardless of where it goes or who accesses it. Unlike other providers who tackle one part of the data journey, Kinnami’s AmiShare technology follows data wherever it goes. Our unique fragmented storage with encryption means would be hackers are wasting their time. Our solutions are simple to integrate, customisable and complement existing solutions rather than competing with them.