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Resilient Data Everywhere

Hybrid Resilient Data Fabric for the Connected World 

Kinnami fills a gap in data management technology required to make the connected future possible and the autonomous future a reality. Our Hybrid Resilient Data Fabric ensures irrefutable data integrity required in complex distributed-networks—from Edge-device to cloud.


We do this by securely placing and storing data wherever it is needed, with uncompromisable security and the availability you need to meet your real-time requirements. 

Hybrid Resilient Data Fabric

for distributed, dynamic & diverse data

Kinnami provides enterprises with a hybrid resilient data fabric simplifying data availability, protection, and security for complex distributed networks. 

We include enterprise-class features in an easy-to-manage system enabling a unified data environment for trust, transparency and newfound collaboration—from Edge device to Cloud. 

You achieve the irrefutable data integrity essential to distributed environments—even in unsecured or free-standing networks and in autonomous operations. 

Resilient Data Solutions


01  Real-time Edge Computing


If you are operating in a harsh or complex Edge environments—peer-to-peer, autonomous, or Smart City—networks can be unstable and command and control hierarchy simply does not work.


Kinnami supports secure, reliable and trustworthy data sharing while maintaining complete data sovereignty.    >> learn more



02  Digital Transformation

Collaborate with Partners

With our deep domain expertise, Kinnami is developing solutions that solve our customers' toughest challenges.


Our resilient data fabric provides the protection, security and availability you need for the distributed nature of your operations        >> learn more


03  Auditable Data Protection

Immutable Data Protection

Kinnami provides immutable data protection & security—in your distributed environments and in connected environments that you do not control.

Your customers are assured their data is safe, unchanged, and auditable—the resilience they expect with no added complexity.          >> learn more



Resilient Data Everywhere

Our hybrid resilient data fabric ensures irrefutable data integrity required in complex distributed-networks

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