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Kinnami Hybrid Resilient Data Mesh

Availability in any environment               [speed & integrity] 

Protection                                                        [from loss, tampering, and theft] 

Security                                                             [ensures privacy, ownership]

Immutable                                                       [auditable, traceable, versioned, lasting]

The castle itself no longer exists in isolation as it once did. Organizations don’t have corporate data centers serving a contained network of systems, rather typically they may have devices and applications at the edge, some applications on-premises, and some in the cloud with users —employees, partners, customers—accessing applications from a range of devices from a multitude of locations —potentially from around the globe.

Kinnami AmiShare™ Unifies Data Protection, Security, and

Availability for Our Digital World

Kinnami Hybrid Resilient Data Mesh provides a unified way, which is easily administered, to manage data availability, protection, security, and ownership.


AmiShare automates an otherwise complex process and eliminates the patchwork of systems required to deliver resilient data today.

Trustworthy, reliable data is available on any network, using any type of storage—even in real-time and in unstable network environments. 

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Administration & Data Ownership

  • Kinnami takes a Zero Trust approach toward protection and securing your data. We separate data ownership and privacy from the administration of policy. The administrator’s role is to administer policy as defined by your organization. 

  • Data privacy is kept at the ownership-level—secure from tampering, even by those with administrative rights. This way highly sensitive information is always protected no matter where it resides.


Data Protection


Policy Engine & Adaptive Policy

  • System administrators align policy for storage devices according to attributes such as physical security, location and ownership. The policy engine then automates intelligent distribution of data, optimized for resilience. 

  • Our security & auditing tools are specifically built to assess data security, including tracking end-user & administrator behavior. Policy definitions are dynamic. Data access patterns are identified and used to develop and implement threat detection policies. This way user access can be cut-off immediately in the event of an anomaly. Administering policy for third-party tools is also easier.

  • Data is sharded then encrypted at its origin. It is replicated and distributed according to defined policy creating a resilient, immutable, auditable data fabric.

  • Data sovereignty is recognized, ownership is preserved and protected even in networks you may not control.





Real-time Peer-to-Peer Resilient Data

  • AmiShare was designed to meet the most demanding environments’ requirements— in real-time and autonomous applications.

  • AmiShare operates even in unstable or degraded network environments.


  • Immutable, traceable, authenticate

  • Protects all data & file types

  • Any environment: Edge devices to cloud

  • Network and storage agnostic

  • Transparent to end-users



  • Protection for servers and endpoints

  • Distributed storage

  • Storage agnostic with auditing

  • Auto-data recovery, backup & versioning

  • GDPR/Compliance



  • Secure remote work

  • Communications on unsecured networks

  • Military mission partner data sharing

  • Secure data on the Edge—IoT, 5G

  • Protect data on ORBs/UAVs



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