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 Protection and Audit

When data authenticity is paramount, Kinnami provides immutable data protection & security in your distributed environments—and in connected environments, which you do not control—with the resilience your customers expect and no added complexity.  

Non-repudiation to ensure data authenticity and currency—where data resides in data centers, in the cloud, at the edge, and through externally linked applications and platforms. 

Any network, any storage, from Sensors to Satellites

Kinnami has given priority to preserving customer data indefinitely, designing solutions that are purpose built to achieve both data resiliency and protection.


Kinnami provides the level of protection and incontrovertible proof of data authenticity you need to meet stringent application requirements. As data changes hands it is open to higher risk of tampering. Kinnami protects data where ever it is and ensures that a path to the original data is maintained and available for proof positive. 


Immediately after new data is created, it is split into fragments. The fragments are uniquely encrypted and stored where at their origin. Fragments are duplicated, versioned and distributed if required to ensure data availability and redundancy. 


Kinnami's auditing system is updated with an irrefutable record of the information in the fragments. An added benefit of the audit record is that the integrity of each segment, and hence the version of the file itself is also guaranteed against tampering, as the segment is identified by its contents using a digital hash or fingerprint—any unexpected changes in the data, whether by tampering, or disc failure can be identified.

With Kinnami, Data owners' roles—those who create, modify and otherwise use data—are separate from system administrators' roles. Administrators may define policy that specifies where and when data is stored, who may access it, and who may collaborate with whom, but they themselves may not alter data. 


Kinnami Business White Paper

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For applications where authenticity must be proven—Kinnami protects your data and ensures originality—critical data can be safely shared among partners.


Information owners maintain control over their data assets— share data openly and restrict access as required.

  • Data sovereignty is provided by separating the administration of policy governance and data ownership.

  • Built-in policy engine, which automates and simplifies administrators’ workflows

  • Data owners have an easy-to-use interface for managing data privacy and control levels.


Data authenticity and accuracy ensured with non-repudiation

  • Data authenticity and accuracy ensured with non-repudiation

  • All data is traceable and auditable—original data is immutable.

  • Kinnami  provides proof of the origin of data and the integrity of the data.
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