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Peer-to-Peer & Edge — In Real-time

When data volumes and critical time constraints push storage and processing to the edge —Kinnami resilient fabric ensures data integrity & security. 

Resilient, secure and private peer-to-peer data fabric operating in real-time for your Edge applications where networks can be unstable, data volumes can be large & there are critical time constraints —command and control hierarchy simply does not work. 

Any Network, Any Storage, from Sensors to Satellites

When traditional centralized processing solutions cannot support data volume & time constraints, computing must be at The Edge


Internet of Things, peer-to-peer networks, Edge computing environments—pose new challenges in safeguarding data, especially when immediate response is required. 

Command and Control paradigm no longer works when real-time response is crucial—as it is with autonomous vehicles, Military real-time edge applications and Smart City devices—where significant autonomous processing is required. 

Peer-to-peer networks and the distributed Edge need a resilient data platform for these harsh, often unstable and real-time applications. Kinnami provides this.


Kinnami Technology Whitepaper
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Kinnami supports real-time processing at the Edge—Whatever your real-time is. 


Information owners maintain control over their data assets— share data openly and restrict access as required.

  • Data sovereignty is provided by separating the administration of policy governance and data ownership

  • Built-in policy engine, which automates and simplifies administrators’ workflows

  • Data owners have an easy-to-use interface for managing data privacy and control levels.


Data authenticity and accuracy ensured with non-repudiation

  • Data authenticity and accuracy ensured with non-repudiation

  • All data is traceable and auditable—original data is immutable.

  • Kinnami  provides proof of the origin of data and the integrity of the data.

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