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Kinnami Solutions Overview

Kinnami is a resilient distributed data management company that provides organizations what they need to secure and protect sensitive information from the computing edge to the cloud. 

Kinnami’s technology is aimed at organizations that need to protect sensitive information on storage devices and access points that are often beyond an organization’s control, driven by modern needs for data processing and data sharing that extend across company boundaries and at the computing edge. 

Resilient Data Solutions


Making the Connected Future Possible and an Autonomous Future a Reality

Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions to facilitate efficient collaboration


Starting with a distributed storage subsystem, our resilient data fabric safeguards sensitive information regardless of where it is accessed or who is accessing it.


We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate efficient collaboration using secure information storage and access on multiple devices especially at the computing edge—endpoints with their inherently weaker security and mobility—as well in datacenters. These include cloud services, laptops, mobile phones, IoT devices & removable disks. 

Kinnami separates the capabilities of data owners—who create, modify and otherwise use data, from system administrators—who define policies that specify where and when data is stored, who may access it, and who may collaborate with whom. But most importantly, administrators are unable to access the data themselves. This separation of operational responsibilities more closely matches the different business priorities of end-users and administrators, leading better security overall.


Kinnami Technology Whitepaper

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